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Disappointing Flight

I have always voiced a positive opinion of my Lufthansa flights....until now. It was so disappointing I do not know if I could give them another chance.

I flew from PHL-FRA in business class, a booking I made nine months in advance, because I had miles expiring. I did my research and specifically chose seat 4D on a 747. It was the only seat that had double aisle access. The thought of not having to climb over someone or be climbed over was great plan! Sadly this is where it starts. My electrical for my seat is broken. Each time I want to change positions I would have to call my "man servant" (his term) to come adjust it for me. Because I did not want to be a pain, I did not call him often.

Other than the electrical not working, the seat was just plain uncomfortable. It's as if all cushion was removed....not what you want for a six hour flight.

Next comes the worse part of this flight - the food. Never have been so displeased with the food until this flight. The appetizer and salad were fine. The main meal was an overcooked dry piece of filet that was closer to a thick piece of tasteless, really hot beef jerky. The breakfast was just....can not even describe how bad it was, so that mean I really did not eat on this flight. Thankfully I was not that interested in drinking too much, this could have been a bad combination.

The flight attendants were wonderful, just wish everything else could have matched their willingness to please :(

Basically Beef jerky :(

#LufthansaFail #Beefjerky @thepointsguy

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