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New Home Base

Recently I have moved from the USA to Japan. Sadly with COVID, I did not have any travel for well over a year, which has been really tough for this travel seeker. While moving, we drove from PA to WA to catch our flight. Though I am not a fan of driving anywhere, I made the best of it, since we had to get our dog safely to Seattle. I want to share a few of our stops as we made our way cross country. I will post them in no particular order. Enjoy and I would love to hear your feedback!

These first two pics are where I would go as often as possible (a 45 minute drive from my home) and I had to make one last stop before we moved. Catoctin Mountain Orchard in Maryland. Now I have tried up apple cider donuts up and down the east coast, and hands down these are the best!! They are the perfect texture and flavor. They come with or without sugar on the top. If you are ever driving the 15 going to or from Pennsylvania to Maryland....make the stop, you won't be sorry!

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