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Transferring Points!

One of the "games" I play is the points game for airlines and hotels. I use specific credit cards I use to earn points. I mainly stay at the Marriott properties and fly One World airlines.

As I continue to plan our summer adventure, the challenge has been traveling during high season. I have been saving my hotel points for next year, but when the least expensive hotel in London is 300GBP, I think its time to my points. Why do I not look at other brands, less expensive hotels or B&B's? Mainly because I am loyal to my brand. I know that we just use the room to sleep, but it is still a vacation and I like coming back to a room that feels luxe. This brand has been very kind to me. More often than not I am upgraded to a larger room, and when there will be three of us in a room I like having more space.

As I was spending my points I realized my husband has Marriott points. When he called Marriott to activate his account, we found out he could transfer his points to me, 100,000 per year. Since I am the one with the elite status and travel more during the year that made sense. When we travel one of our larger expenses are our hotel stays. This will help!

Lesson: If you, your significant other and family members have membership numbers check to see if the brand has household accounts where you can pool you points or figure out the process to transfer points. I also check to see if it is worth it to spend the points over dollars. I try to get as much value from my points as possible. Sometimes it can also be a matter of just saving funds. If I save on the hotel that is more I can spend elsewhere.

There are many blogs out there that can help the beginner to the expert on how to accrue and use points....Good Luck!!!

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