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Visiting Downton Abbey

We always love visiting London. I have always wanted to visit the Downton Abbey castle which is called Highclere Castle, but it was always booked. With the new movie coming out it was a must see for this fan!

There are a few ways to visit, book through a tour company, like Viator, drive, or take a train. Which ever way you plan to visit make sure that tickets are included or purchased in advance. If you do it on your own, you must visit to book your tickets. As soon as you know when you want to go, check if the tickets are available, they go fast and they have a limited number per day.

Here are the steps I took to book this adventure on my own. I booked my train ticket from London to Newbury. I read some reviews on those who have visited before to get an idea of when to make the return train. From everything I read there will be some taxis sitting there to drive to the castle, but to play it safe I booked a car in advance to pick us up and for the return trip. I didn't want to get there and all the taxis were taken and then what? After all was booked, the price came out less than doing a guided tour. I am hoping like many tours I have taken in other castles they have the self guided recording available. Don't worry, plenty of pictures will be taken and I can not wait to share my personal experience!

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